Fireside Crew

These are our Radio Plays produced by the Fireside Crew

The above episode of the Fireside Crew is of "Most Dangerous Game"  an adaptation of the famous short story by Richard Connell. Please sit back in a comfortable chair, turn off the lights in the room, and transport yourselves into a different world with the Fireside Crew's Most Dangerous Game starring

Kevin Fennell as Sanger Rainsford,

Josh Kirwin as General Zaroff,  

Mike Hoover as Whitney.

The music is produced by Josh Kirwin and Caroline Oddo. 

From a 1937 script that was specifically meant to be a advertisement for a dry wheat cereal called Wheatena, The Fireside Crew brings you Popeye Goes to the Zoo. This zany adventure follows Popeye, Olive Oyl, Matey, and Wimpy as they embark to a zoo and see all of the animals. Nothing crazy could happen in that scenario right?

Josh Kirwin as Popeye
Caroline Oddo as Olive Oyl
Nathan Dawley as Matey
Kevin Fennell as Wimpy
Michael Paglione as Vendor
Michael Hoover as Man

Music Produced by Caroline Oddo